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About 3D Massage

We want to welcome you to 3D Massage and let you know how much we appreciate your giving us a chance to help you feel better!

As you might know, massage therapy offers many benefits.  It alleviates stress, pain, stiffness, and imbalance. With regular massage, you can release long-held trigger points and adhesions that cause postural imbalances, chronic aches and pains, suboptimal muscle strength, and even digestive and breathing difficulties.  

Consistency is key when it comes to reaping substantial results from massage therapy.  Therefore, we have three promotional offers designed to encourage you to come more frequently:

Membership Plan:  Our 3-month prepaid membership plan allows you to receive unlimited massages at a $30 discount for every service you receive during those 3 months.  In order to enroll, simply pay $30 at your next appointment.  You can renew this plan at any time.

Referral Bonus Plan:  For every new client you refer to us, you receive 50% off the regular rate of any service.

Frequency Bonus Plan:  If you visit us more than once within 30 days, you can receive a free enhancement of your choice.

Services include deep tissue massage, Swedish relaxation massage, prenatal massage, medical massage, sports massage, hot stones massage, craniosacral therapy, trigger point therapy, reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage, cupping, shiatsu, and stretching.  We also offer aromatherapy, pain relief topical treatments, and hot towels, to enhance the therapeutic benefits of the above modalities. 


Massage therapists Max and Amy have been licensed since 2016 and 2007, respectively.  Their many years of experience and continuing education, along with their compassionate and service-oriented philosophy, allow them to deliver on the 3D motto: Driven to heal, Devoted to service, and Dedicated to meeting your needs.

Hand Massage

Reviews & Feedback

Max is the best massage therapist I've had for many years. I have been using his services for 3 years now and I strongly recommend him.

Shahla M.

It's important to be able to trust your massage therapist. These people are extremely trustworthy. They carefully listen and provide therapy that fits your exact need. 

Kris F.

Amy is amazing! she really pays attention to my needs and is able to relieve my pain while keeping me relaxed. I am so happy I found her!

M. L.

Sports Injury

Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday
9:30 am - 8:00 pm


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